Catheterization has become the second choice to access the dialysis patient blood flow. Whether the patient cannot form an intravenous fistula due to particular characteristics of their capillaries, is in the process of development of the fistula or needs an emergency treatment due to a momentary failure, the appropriate method of access is the insertion of a catheter.

The catheter connects directly to central capillaries such as the jugular, subclavian or femoral; the access can be generated superficially or through a more advanced surgical intervention depending on the time of use. The broad portfolio of catheters offered by Renal Medical through the SUKSES brand is the solution you need for your temporary or routine treatments, with options that maximize the flexibility of the device and minimize movement to reduce the risk of infection.

Acute Hemodialysis Catheters. 

Catheters 1Funcionality

Made of thermosensitive polyurethane, Health Line catheters offer great softness reducing the possibility of stenosis and vessel erosion caused by the hardness of conventional catheters. Combine their softness with a flexible tip to offer the highest benefits when installed using the Seldinger technique. Recommended especially for short periods of time or for emergency therapies or while the patient fistula is developing.

Especifications and Presentations

The percutaneous equipment includes:

  • Introductory needle
  • Extravasation System
  • Dilator or introducer
  • Stainless steel wire guide with J-tip
  • 5cc syringe

We offer catheters in the following presentations:

Catheters 2