Filters for hemodialysis 1The dialyzer is the medical device that guarantees the osmotic exchange between the blood and the dialysis fluid. The device consists basically of a case with two compartments and a fiber specially designed to filter and allow the exchange. The blood of the patient passes through the fibers of the membrane while the liquid passes, in the opposite direction, through the outside of the membrane. This procedure ensures that the blood is purified from the retained uremic toxins and the levels of acidosis and electrolyte disturbances are corrected.

Allmed filters features micro-corrugated polysulfone technology, a new concept in dialysis membranes. The Micro-wavy fiber ensures efficient flow of the dialysis fluid into the dialyzer, increasing the contact surface of the blood and minimizing the presence of dead zones. Our portfolio has high flow dialyzers right for safe dialysis with the highest endotoxin retention capacity.


Filters for hemodialysis 2

Contact our technical team or ask for our datasheets to know the clearance analysis of each filter and determine the right one for your patients.