Hemodialysis Kit 1The dialysis fluid is a fundamental part of the hemodialysis process. This substance is placed in contact with the blood during the treatment, through the dialyzer, in order to exchange solutes, extracting toxic substances from the body of the patient and providing electrolytes fundamental for this.

Our Sukses powder concentrates are the cost-effective solution you need for the development of your on-site therapy. Hydrate the concentration of Acid and Basic Concentrate recommended at the moment of the treatment and guarantee high quality results for your patients. Do not worry about calculating the number of acid and basic concentrate units you will need to buy for your treatments. At Renal Medical we have specially designed the hemodialysis kit with the amount you need to guarantee your treatments:

Standard Kit: 1 box of Acid Concentrate + 1 Box of Basic Concentrate, for a total of approximately 25 dialysis.