The dialysis machine is the central motor of the treatment. This device allows the blood to be withdrawn from the patient and distributed throughout the circuit while simultaneously circulating the dialysis fluid. In addition, the machine system must allow continuous monitoring of the health conditions and quality of the treatment.


JI-HUA dialysis machines are among the most versatile devices on the market. Its dosing system allows the use of the Bicarbonate Cartridge and the performance of the treatment through traditional mixing.

It has an LCD touch screen with high-definition interface that will allow the handler to have minute-by-minute information on the treatment conditions, along with a series of alarms both visual and audible. Its back-up battery supports up to 30 minutes after the power system is interrupted, ensuring that the dialysis process will not be abruptly disrupted affecting the patient’s health.

JI-HUA dialysis machine will allow you to individualize treatments and ensure particular conditions and follow-up for each patient. The machine has a functionality that allows you to store the information of the treatment as a profile curve. These Na + profile curves are adjustable, with multiple programs with which you can have a particular knowledge of dialysis individually.

It has the most advanced control devices available to avoid risks to the patient in case of errors:

  • Check the conductivity of the acid, of the mixture and of the water outlet.
  • Air bubble monitor with dual control: optical and ultrasonic.
  • Prevents contamination of the machine in case of errors when using liquid disinfection.
  • Prevents cross-infection: fluid delivery and rejection systems are divided during disinfection.
  • Safe and sensitive blood leak monitor device.
  • High precision dial temperature: safety control between 35 ° ~ 39 °.

Finally, it has an automatic cleaning system that will guarantee the health conditions of your treatment. The system performs complete rinsing of the circuit and supports both caloric and chemical disinfection. At the end of the disinfection process the machine automatically shuts off.ente.