2016 was characterized for the organization in being a year of great transformations. This led us to transform our missionary goals and foundations and guide them to be the best ally of those who save lives day by day. We want to become the support you need to be able to carry out your therapies through innovative products of excellent quality and with continuous support from our staff.

Missionary Aspects

Because we believe in Colombian capacity, we develop timely and economic solutions for the health sector.

As of 2025 Renal Medical Marketing will be a leader in the manufacture of Hemodialysis Powder Concentrate, consolidating its position in the National Market and will be exporting to the Latin American market, having penetrated strongly in other regions such as the Andean Group and Central America. We will also be the most competitive provider of medical devices required for renal therapy in Colombia. Our work team will be highly qualified for their tasks and will be the support that our clients require, focusing every day on improving the quality of life of people.

Renal Medical Marketing team presents a high ethical behavior, winning attitude and service, initiative and creativity, customer orientation, respect and teamwork and the pride of contributing Colombian talent and work.

Institutional Policies

For Renal Medical Marketing, Social Responsibility is a commitment that involves both the directives and the entire team. Our main commitment is focused on patients, especially renal patients, the entities that care for them who are our clients, our employees and the environment. We collaborate permanently with donations to non-profit organizations, working towards providing better care for the renal patient and seeking to make their treatment easier, efficient and economical. We are convinced that a pleasant environment, the possibility of training and honesty and respect towards our workers, contribute to their development as persons and as professionals and generate well-being for themselves and their families. Our commitment to the environment has led us to permanently search for non-polluting elements for our packaging, to reuse some of them, to recycle those that cannot be reused and to be more efficient in the management of water, energy and waste.




Renal Medical Marketing is fully committed to its employees, understanding that they are the basis of its results. For this reason, the company fully meets all social, legal and salary associated responsibilities, always seeking to generate a good working environment. The company is aware of facilitating access to facilities, providing incentives for good performance and be support and guide for personal needs that employees may have. Finally, the company has initiatives from its Human Resources Area, which seek to generate the necessary incentives so that each of its employees seeks to develop both professionally and personally.

Support in Student Development

Renal Medical Marketing is committed to the professional development of its employees. The company believes that education is the secret for the development of the country and the society in general and for this reason has a support for all employees who are formally taking professional or post-graduate programs. The objective of this initiative is to achieve a joint development between the employee, the organization and the country.

Training Programs

According to the needs of the positions and the challenges of the company the organization has seen the necessity to train part of its human team in particular techniques and knowledge. Renal Medical Marketing team has benefited from varied training sessions such as group training in systems management, training in quality systems, personalized marketing programs, etc.




In accordance with its social responsibility, the company develops its environmental management program annually in compliance with the applicable regulations. It has developed actions tending to diminish the environmental impact and to raise awareness on the importance taking care of natural resources. These are some of the initiatives:

Program of recovery and treatment of water that allow the optimization of our natural resources, by programming the recovery of rainwater in its new headquarters in order to use itin the management of cleaning and sanitation services.

Recycling and waste management initiative. The company has an internal program in which reusable wastes are delivered to organizations suitable for management. The resources obtained through this initiative have resulted in welfare programs and incentives for the employees, making the program increasingly strong.

The company is in the process of evaluating the implementation of solar energy generators, further reducing the direct environmental impact of its activity through the use of renewable energy.

“Renal Medical Marketing commitment is to manufacture, import and distribute the highest quality medicines and devices, leveraged in the best human talent and resources, complying with all the regulations associated with the activity, in an efficient way and looking every time for better solutions, more effective ways to meet the needs of our customers, to grow as an organization and to continue improving.”

Renal Medical Marketing, manufactures, imports and distributes medical products and medicines with the highest quality standards, to meet the needs of its customers. We have competent staff dedicated to the benefit of our customers, suppliers and partners, committed to continuously improve the Quality Management System. Since its foundation, the company has characterized by its focus on the client and by trying to satisfy it by leveraging the best talent, fact that is reflected directly in its mission: “Because we believe in Colombian capacity, we develop timely and economic solutions for the health sector.” Step by step the company is part of the construction of the country, and its efforts are focused on becoming the national leader in solutions for the dialysis treatment. Its focus on the client and its interest in providing the best products for the country’s health sector have generated the need of not only having the technical knowledge about the solutions it manufactures, but also to focus on excellent management of its personnel, of the internal activities of the company, of the delivery logistics and in general of all the dimensions that could be related to carrying a good quality solution. For this reason, its management team shows a constant commitment in the definition of clear objectives in each of these areas, in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Considering its responsibility towards the needs of the sector in which it operates, the company is also aligned with compliance with the guidelines of regulatory agencies in Colombia: INVIMA, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, among others and the corresponding within the countries from which we obtain our products and raw materials and the territories to where we market them.

Additionally, it affirms its loyalty and response to all interest groups associated with the organization’s activity, highlighting suppliers, customers and employees. Based on the above, the entire team of the organization, and especially its management group, affirm their commitment to ensure compliance with all applicable business, legal, environmental, social and customer requirements and reaffirms its interest in investing the necessary resources in the identification of improvement opportunities and, under a clear business focus, to maintain the efforts and interest of its team in methods of continuous improvement, to make its processes more efficient and to carry to its customer greater quality and much more innovative products.

Renal Medical Marketing seeks to ensure compliance and improvement of its results and its Quality Management System, under the guidelines of this policy and guided in quality objectives established for each of the different dimensions of the company.

Renal Medical Marketing, is committed to use and treat personal data of its customers, suppliers and employees in a proper way, not allowing unauthorized access to the information by third parties that might lead to modification, disclosure and / or destruction of the data that rests within our company’s databases in accordance with what is established in Law 1581 of 2012.