Our portfolio for Skin Biopsy is the most effective option on the market, guaranteeing the best results and the least trauma for the patient:



SterylabSkin 1

DERMOPUNCH Awl is the right tool to perform skin biopsy required for histological diagnosis of:

  • Doubtful origin dermatosis.
  • Cancer suspected injuries.
  • Anomalous moles.
  • Bacterial or mycotic infections.
  • Inflammatory pathological states related to some specific skin diseases such as psoriasis.

It also helps in verifying that the existing skin surrounding the area of ​​a region where a tumor was excised is normal. The device helps monitoring the efficacy of a removal treatment of warts, skin cancer, moles or abnormal growths in certain injuries of the oral mucosa.

 Specifications and presentations

DERMOPUNCH has extremely sharp stainless steel blades, non-slip handle for secure grip and control and a wide range of sizes. It is sterile and disposable to avoid the risk of nosocomial infections.

Code        Diameter
  • DMP02       2mm
  • DMP03       3mm
  • DMP35       3,5mm
  • DMP04       4mm
  • DMP05       5mm
  • DMP06       6mm
  • DMP08       8mm