SUKSESSodium citrate pre-filled syringes 1

  • A key part of ensuring good treatment conditions is to reduce blood clotting at the catheter connection ports. Clotting in the ports can affect the sanity of the treatment and the outflow or entry of the blood even reaching obstruction.


Traditionally, heparin has been used as the prevailing agent to prevent coagulation, but the management of this drug and its costs have encouraged the development of other alternatives. This is why the use of Citrates as an anticoagulant component has recently become strong.

Calcium is a crucial element in the process of blood clotting as it aids the binding of coagulant particles. Citrate binds to the particles of ionized calcium which results in blocking the coagulant properties of Calcium.

4% sodium citrate has proven not only to be a more user-friendly and cheaper solution than heparin, but because of the characteristics of the citrate has antithrombotic


We have nine different references that vary depending on the concentration of sodium citrate, the size of the syringe and the presence of ethanol (EC). Our team will be able to give you more information about the operation of each reference:


  • CS4-35
  • CS4-310
  • CS4-55
  • CS4-510
  • CS30-35
  • CE430-55
  • CE430-35
  • CE430-310
  • CE430-510