Renal Medical Marketing

In Renal Medical Marketing we understand that one of the main factors to lead a full life is to have an excellent health. For this reason we have focused for 25 years on finding the best solutions for health providers, so that more and more people can have a better quality of life.

We are the first 100% Colombian company to develop products focused on the treatment of Chronic Renal Disease through therapies such as hemodialysis. Our hemodialysis concentrates have become the preferred cost-effective option for independent treatment centers in Colombia, providing greater access to treatment for the thousands of patients in the country.

Renal Medical en Colombia

For nearly sixteen years we focused on the distribution of products of worldwide leading companies within the Colombian territory. Our portfolio has been composed of different devices for renal therapy, general consumables for medical treatment and specialized equipment for treatment in other health therapies. About nine years ago we decided to become a closer ally for our clients, more flexible and willing to develop the solutions that our clients needed. Thus since 2008 we have our own laboratory focused on the production of devices for hemodialysis along with our national distribution center located in Funza, Cundinamarca. From this center we have developed the capacity to serve all the independent medical centers focused on hemodialysis therapy.

Some of our clients in Colombia: