High performance sterile hypodermic needles recommended for use with SUKSES syringes, for extraction or insertion of fluids or medicines.


SUKSES hypodermic needles are suitable devices for the administration or extraction of substances or fluids intravenously, intramuscularly or intradermally. Its Luer Lock polypropylene bottom guarantees a perfect fit with the syringe and its stainless steel structure ensures corrosion resistance, maximizing hygiene, and an easy insertion mode.

All our syringes and needles are sterile and have individual packaging with tabs that facilitate their opening. In addition, the position in which they are located guarantees an aseptic opening avoiding contamination of the needle.


We offer needles of different calibres, depending on your need:

  • 15 G to 30 G.


Oncology Needles are specially designed for the administration of control drugs in chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy or parenteral nutrition..

PORT-JECT®Needles 1

Sterylab Port-Ject Huber Needles for Oncology have been designed for patient safety and easy insertion into vascular access devices. The tip of the needle has a unique design without core and the Huber model promotes the ease of penetration maximizing the useful life for the septum of the Port.


Available in gauges and needle lengths commonly used. Includes extension line, with or without injection site, single-acting clamp, clear luer connector:

Needles 2