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Your tireless ally in the mission of saving lives.

Our products comply with the highest quality standards of the market; our commitment with patients and doctors is the center of our value proposition.

Hemodialysis – Biopsy – Blood purification – Gastrostomy – Consumables


Main products

Sukses Basic Concentrate:

Wide range of solutions to reduce the metabolic acidosis of dialysis patients, made out of Bicarbonate

Sukes Bloodlines:

Hemodialysis blood lines specially designed to fit your hemodialysis machine.

Sodium Citrate Prefilled Syringes:

Stop worrying about the complications associated with the use of heparin to prevent coagulation in the catheters.


Sukses Acid Concentrate:

We have solutions out of Acetic Acid and Citric Acid to ensure the generation of a complete dialysis fluid.

Hemodialysis Filters (SUKSES):

The best filters for your treatment with polyethersulfone.

Disinfectants and descaling solutions (Sukses):

Guarantee optimal sanity conditions in your treatment with our Disinfection and Descaling products.

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