Plasmapheresis is a form of therapy to separate plasma from blood, remove pathogenic substances from plasma, and either replace it with the replacement liquid or purify it. Plasmapheresis is indicated in severe liver disease, collagen diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc. hemoperfusion consists of the elimination of toxins or metabolites through an extra corporeal system and the use of adsorbents substances like activated charcoal.

JAFRON Filters 1

Renal Medical Marketing brings to Colombia the wide portfolio of products of the Asian company JAFRON. The company has acquired great knowledge in its more than 25 years of experience in the blood purification market. The JAFRON HA filter line manages advanced technology for blood and / or plasma adsorption therapies, suitable for the treatment of multiple pathologies.


Filters 2


In a w similar way to hemodialysis, hemofiltration involves the movement of solutes through a semipermeable membrane, but the membrane used in hemofiltration is much more porous than that used in hemodialysis, and the dialysate is not used. Instead an ion exchange carries water and solutes through the filter membrane where they are drained as filtrate. A replacement fluid is added to the resulting filtered blood to replace the liquid volume and the valuable electrolytes and then, it is returned to the patient. It is suitable for patients with acute renal failure generated by septic shock.

ALLMEDFilters 3

The polyether sulfone membrane of the Allmed haemofilters, thanks to its reduced wall thickness (30μm), high hydraulic permeability (approx. 42mlh * mmHg / m2) and its mixed structure: hypophilic-hydrophobic, clarifies small low molecular weight solutes by diffusion While it removes high molecular weight medium toxins by convection, being perfect for hemofiltration and heomodiafiltration processes.


Available on (Sterilized with steam) surfaces:

  • 1.3m2 (HF3)
  • 1.6m2 (HF6)
  • 1.8m2 (HF8)