Fistula Needle 1Adequate access to the patient’s blood flow for the cleansing process is one of the critical points of treatment. The formation of an arteriovenous fistula, by joining a vein and a patient’s artery increases the flow and resistance of the capillaries in the intervened area. Fistula needles are inserted directly into the reinforced capillary providing easy and less traumatic access for the patient. Access through fistula is the preferred procedure to access the patient’s bloodstream.

Fistula needles must ensure not only the output of the blood stream in a constant manner and with the flow suitable for the osmotic process that is given in the dialyzer, but also have the necessary characteristics to guarantee a quick and easy insertion. The solutions that have been developed for Renal Medical, have needles of great resistance that guarantee, to the doctor, total control in the insertion and additionally the necessary characteristics in both materials and in control systems for the extraction and insertion of the blood in the necessary frequency. (Download the brochure for our fistula needles here).


Ultra-thin walled needle perfectly siliconized to make it smoother guaranteeing a non-painful insertion. Rugged wings that allow a secure grip and total control with comfortable handling during insertion of the needle. SUKSES® arteriovenous fistula needles have swivel wings for more comfort and include clamp and rear eye. Manufactured in medical grade polyvinylchloride which gives flexibility and resistance and with components in polypropylene and polystyrene and needle in stainless steel.


We have needles of:

  • 15G: BT-110 SERIES
  • 16G: BT-111 SERIES
  • 17G: BT-112 SERIES