Renal Medical Marketing Limitada was founded in Bogotá, Colombia. The company has more than 20 years of experience supplying products focused on renal therapy, which has allowed it to build the capacities and knowledge to become the first 100% Colombian company to develop solutions to treat Kidney Chronic Disease.

  • 1992

    Company History 1Renal Medical Marketing is founded in Bogotá (Colombia) seeking to be a different alternative for the independent institutions that provided the renal therapy services in the country.
  • 1996

    Company History 2The company becomes the official distributor in Colombia of the american company Minntech Corporartion (now MEDIVATORS), a world leader in the development of medical devices for multiple areas of health.
  • 2002

    Company History 3The company expands its portfolio and scope in the local market by venturing on the distribution of catheters and vascular accesses with the strategic alliance with the Mexican brand EBIME.
  • 2004

    Company History 4 RMM consolidates its position in the national market by expanding its activity to the Northwest and East regions.
  • 2006

    Company History 5After finishing a successful 10-year relationship with Minntech, RMM founding partners decide to believe in the national capacities and venture into developing 100% Colombian hemodialysis concentrates; this resulted in the creation of Laboratorios Thani.
  • 2007

    Company History 6Along with the the development of the concentrates production laboratory, the company's portfolio expanded significantly, including the commercialization of hemodialysis machines, filters, infusion pumps, syringes, etc.
  • 2008

    Company History 7The company officially launches SUKSES, its own brand for medical devices for renal therapy, and initiates the process of market penetration.
  • 2012

    Company History 8Renal Medical Marketing Limitada and Laboratorios Thani decide to merge to focus efforts in the development of medical devices of the highest quality.
  • 2014

    Company History 9Renal Medical establishes as one of the leading suppliers in the Colombian market of renal concentrates and builds its 5,000 square meter headquarters in Celta industrial complex, one of the largest industrial centers in the country. It also obtains Certification in Storage and Conditioning Capacity of Medical Devices (CCAA for its acronym in Spanish).
  • 2015

    Company History 10The company obtains in its new headquarters the certification of Sanitary Conditions for Manufacturing Medical Devices by INVIMA (National Institute for Medicines and Food Monitoring)..
  • 2016

    Company History 11After consolidating in Colombia, the company focuses its efforts on innovation and development processes. Currently, it is expanding its portfolio of owned products (bloodlines, prefilled syringes, etc.), is in the process of obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification and is searching for alliances to expand its market to other countries in Latin America.
  • 2017

    Company History 12The company has now 25 years of providing the best quality devices and seeks to renew itself in different ways. Its new image seeks to communicate the fluidity with which the company has always worked with its allies, looking to efficiently develop the solutions they need; The typology of the name shows the strength and confidence that the company wants to demonstrate with the experience acquired and the demonstrated compliance. The logo shows additionally the core market and foundation of the organization, simulating a vascular access inserted into the patient's blood system. This image renewal also has an echo inside the organization, becoming the starting point of an entire line of activities focused on Innovation and Research, Continuous Improvement and International Expansion of the brand.